Saturday, 18 August 2012

summer diary part 3

Ok, I promise this is the last post about summer holidays, but I took so many pictures that it's a pity to leave them just occupy space in my hard disk, isn't it?

Today I'll show you the little hamlet where we stayed - and the nearby one, where we cycled every other day.

Most of the buildings date back to Medieval age, in fact every year in July it takes place a Medieval fair during which all the inhabitants dress in typical costumes and recreates scenes from the life of the time. I went there once when I was younger and it was really nice.

They also recreates shops, cook traditional recipes etc, and organise a huge long table in the middle of this square

where you can sit and eat with everyone else.
As I said before, besides hiking and visiting the woods (or stealing the teeny-tiny swings to the kids to make stupid videos of yourself "swinging"..),

the things to do weren't that much, but wandering around in the narrow, steep alleys was surely nice too.

When we were tired or just didn't feel like cooking, we had the chance to enjoy some delicious highland-style food in the small restaurants that teemed the hamlet.

The nightlife, as you will see in the pictures, was very active!

Just kidding, after 8.30PM most of the people would have left the streets and stay home.. even though sometimes they staged concerts and cabarets in the main square.. but in these occasions we'd rather stay home, where we lit a fire on our terrace to warm ourselves (which seems so absurd now, since we're roasting here, with 38°/40°C everyday!!).

AND that's it, the last and final post about my adventurous summer break. Hopefully I hadn't bored you too much! If you feel like sharing facts about your holidays/the place where you stayed, please feel free :3

Have a wonderful weekend!