Sunday, 19 August 2012

summer mail part 2

Hello guys!
In my last mail post, I've told you that I received some special packages when I got back.
Two of those were from Mary and, and literally left me speechless..

(The books in the upper side belonged to another package, while the socks and the trinkets came in the big rainbow box on the left)
Look at all the stuff she sent me! Oh my. We arranged an "Inspirational Swap" a while ago, and this is her (awesome) contribution to it.

I honestly can't pick a favourite item out of those.. but I surely loved the book with crafty handmade ideas for snail mail, which I already read and bookmarked some things I want to try out. Thank you Mary, you really made me incredibly happy with your mail <3

Another package I received, was also for a swap. This time with Michelle, a girl who contacted me on Tumblr:

We sent each other some scrapbooking supplies to use in out SMASHbooks.

I also received a package from Lithuania, which I wasn't sure from who or what could be until I opened it to reveal this:

This is a travel notebook a Finnish girl created on the Postcrossing forum, and I requested to participate back in June and wasn't sure if and when I would have received it. However, I'm so glad it's here now, and the girls who had it before me (one in China, and the other in Lithuania) did an amazing job in it, and I seriously need to get inspired and do my pages asap!

by Jellyfish
by TheSeaMonster
Lastly, on Friday I received a wonderful letter from Elisse:

Besides the sewn envelope which is a work of art itself, she sent me a lovely "hello" pop-up card, confetti, studs, stickers and a super nice postcard with rabbits <3

Thank you girls for making my mailbox so happy!

What did you receive this week?


  1. I'm glad you liked everything!! And that magic themed travel book is absolutely lovely. <3

    1. You arranged such an amazing package(s), how could I not like eveything?! Thanks again, dear<3

  2. 1. I once received socks and it was the most wonderful mail I've ever had.
    2. Are the "color bandage" really bandages, the ones you use when you cut yourself? I've been considering using that for mail art, seems like I'm not the only one.
    3. I love that drawing by TheSeaMonster. :3

    You've got some really awesome mail, seems like it's Christmas on your mailbox. :)

    1. Yeah they are real bandages :D I'll be using some of them for mail art purposes too! And thank you very much, it felt like Christmas indeed :3

  3. You're back!! & Yay! Those are some AMAZING mail! So full of fun colours !

  4. Hi, Fab! I'm stopping by to tell you that I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Visit my blog to see it. :)
    (You can ignore it, in case you already have this award xD).

  5. Really great stuff!!! Loved all those things that you received

  6. Gorgeous mail, wow! Lucky you :)