Wednesday, 22 August 2012

august mail week #3

Hello guys :) This week I had a letter writing spree, and the chance to reply to a bunch of letters that were awaiting for a response since I left for the holidays.
Since Monday, I've sent 8 letters and 3 postcards in total; They were for:

Marysza in Poland, and Nada in Algeria.
The hand made envelope with all these books seems just perfect for Marysza, as they reminded me of her awesome creations :)

Then for: Haych, and Maddie in the UK, and Sylvia in Greece. The stamp I've used for Maddie's letter had a box of cookies on it and I looove it. It looks like a vintage advertising (and it probably is) :3

Those instead are for: Sara in Slovenia, Sara in Portugal, and Elisse in Belgium. Three hand made envelopes this time! Snails for Sara, fairy tale illustration for Elisse, and my luggage envelope for Sara.

Now, the postcards!

This one is a special postcard for Penny, for a sort of swap we made :3
And those are the orphaned postcards that will return to PostMuse!

And that's all for this week outgoing! :)

On a side note, did you notice that I made the pictures in the posts bigger? Because I did, they were too small and annoyed me, so after 5 minutes of CSS editing, they're bigger and clearer!
Also, a quick news about the Travelling Notebook. It made it to Andie a while ago, and it's now arrived in Poland to Marysza, travelling about 5000 km in total..

..and it will be moving soon towards Frida in the Netherlands!

Now tell me, what did you send this week? :)
Have a lovely day!


  1. Yay, I'm looking forward to receive my postcards. Yours will be heading to you within a week. :)

    Also, you made such beautiful postcards, I'm inspired. I just wish I had such cute papers to make mine too!

    1. To make the envelopes I buy old books at the flea market for very few €. You could try something like that :) And oh, I'll be waiting for your card <3

  2. Huurrraay for the traveling notebook! I can't wait for it to appear in MY mailbox! C:

  3. Yay, i'm zo excited to see the final result of the notebook! Ooh and i'm excited for your letter as well! All your envelopes look so pretty once again :)

  4. Whoo hoo, I can't wait to see that letter pop through my letterbox. The stamp looks gorgeous :).

    It's impressive the progress your travelling notebook is making. I'm sure it's going to look fantastic by the end!