Tuesday, 14 August 2012

summer diary part 1

Hello guys! Sooo, I'm back from my holiday on the mountains and even though it was surprisingly hard to settle in the urban atmosphere again, I'm back on my feet and ready to share some of my experiences with you :)

Just a little premise before I start: I know it has pretty much anything to do with my usual posts, but I will post about my mail soon enough, I promise! Oh, and  I've taken most of the pictures with my analog camera and due to the holiday, I can't have my rolls developed just yet, so instead I'll be posting a few of the digital ones!

The place where I've been staying, is a little village in a highland region in the middle of Italy.
It has no more than 200 inhabitants and the unpaved roads are not unusual to find.

The presence of shops is quite limited, there are a few cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, and some sport equipments ones (for hiking, ski etc). Oh, and a very small and narrow Post Office, from where I sent you all a postcard :3 (However, they told me that it might take a while to deliver them.. ugh)

Despite the absence of shops, something that obviously wasn't missing are trees!
There are so many woods to get lost in, that I can't even tell. I was pretty excited about it since, as I might have said before, nature lacks in my town.

From early morning when I opened my bedroom window, to late night when I closed it behind me, all I saw was nature and green, butterflies, clear blue skies and people on their bikes.
It has been so refreshing and relaxing. To be completely honest, the things to do weren't that much, though.

We spent most of out time sitting under trees, even just listening to the wind rustling through the leaves, which was a sound terribly similar to the waves crushing on the rocks, and just so beautiful.
Some days we went hiking (and almost died because of it - we are so out of shape!), or also rode our bikes to the nearby hamlets (and almost died because of it too, lol!), not to mention the numerous picnics we had :)

Speaking of picnics, one day we went on this lovely hill to have one. Everything was nice, nobody was around, but when we were just chilling after we ate, all of a sudden:

sheep, sheep everywhere. They literally invaded the hill in a fraction of a second, and were just a few steps away from us. Needless to say, we had to move away quickly to avoid to become part of the herd (but also for the smell, to be honest u_u).
However, since we made no friends there, I like to think about this encounter as a friendly one!

That's it for now, part 2 coming soon!
In the meanwhile, have you ever been abruptly surrounded by any animal? :D



  1. What lovely views! I'm sure they were worth all the leg cramps! (o__<) Today I was surrounded by two mysterious animals named Momo and Taavi ( a herd of dogs). They like to use my stomach as a springboard.

    1. Ahah that's cute :3 Thanks for sharing, and well.. yes! They were worth the cramps for sure :) xo

  2. Beautiful pictures. :D I had never been that close to nature for that long. Seems like a good place to write letters or to read a book!

    1. Thank you :3 It was indeed very peacefull and perfect to relax with a book :)

  3. this is so wonderful!! :) i'm glad you had a great time ♥

  4. Dove sei stata di preciso? Io sono umbra e i paesaggi delle tue foto mi sono familiari. :)