Friday, 23 March 2012

incoming Birthday Mail + Lettermo day 19 & 20

A week ago it was my birthday, and my lovely friend Khris (from Spain), sent me the loveliest presents ever!

As the tag says, it was indeed a very special present for me, it nearly brought me to tears. I was so excited to open it that I literally overthrew the content of the envelope on my desk and that's what came out:

Confetti, confetti everywhere! I was so excited I didn't realize right away what I was looking at.

She sent me a lolevy skeleton key ( I LOVE keys!), an handmade card with quote from Lemony Snicket:
"if we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives"

two bookmarks, and two stickers sheets: bunnies and sweets ♡

another handmade card with one of her pictures (which she probably didn't know, but it is one of my favorites!) that has a lovely message on the back, and last but not least at all, a pendant.

How beautiful is that?! I really love it to pieces, and it's something that I'll be wearing on a daily basis from now on.. it's so me :'3
If you can't tell, I'm over the moon right now. I've already thanked Khris, but well, if you're reading this, thanks again my darling!! ♡

 As the title said, I've sent two more letters, one yesterday and one today! Pictures under the cut.

Yesterday went out the last letter of the requested ones. I made it, yay! It was for Virginia.

I've used one of my home made envelopes, but since she didn't mentioned any preferencies I don't know if it something she might like v_v.
The other one, was for Steffi. I replied to het nice birthday letter and I probably can count her as a new pen pal now :3

Yesterday, I also received a letter for the "instant photo swap" I joined on swap-bot.. here it is:

The "sealed with a fish" stamp made me giggle, and the picture is nice as well! :)

That's all for me for this week! What did you find in your mailbox?


  1. Reading about all the mail you get gives me such a light and fresh feeling. :) I feel so cheery every time I see your mail.

    1. Aww ahah, that's so sweet! <3 thanks a lot :)

  2. I'm in love with you blog, it's special...
    I wish I had a letter like this every week in my mail box (i'm so jealous right now eheh)
    xoxo <3