Thursday, 8 March 2012

Incoming Mail #2

This week, I've received a lot of pretty letters, and I'm still so excited about them!
On monday I got the remaining two postcards I was waiting for the book suggestions swap:

The first one is my favorite, I really love black&white vintage-looking postcards, and moreover, the pictures itself is really beautiful. The second one, is also nice. It would be even better if the font wasn't comic sans.. but this time I can get over it u_u

These are the stamps on the back of the postcards, both from USA, and I must say they've got a pretty nice range of stamps. My philatelic self is overjoyed right now!

The rest of the post is kind of photo-heavy, so click 'read more' to see three others pretty letters c:

The first one, is from Meredith from Mèxico.

She sent me a turistic postcard of her state, an awesome handmade -I guess- hot pink sticker and a mexican stamp.

She also sent me that weird (in a totally positive way!) pop up card that she made!

I really like it a lot, her drawing style has something that reminds me of my beloved Tim Burton, and I can't help but loving this :)
The next letter is from Andreea from Romania;

we've arranged a stamps swap on flickr a couple of weeks ago, but she didn't just sent me them, she also filled the envelope with a lot of lovely other things:

In order according to the picture, there is: an earring, a butterfly temporary tattoo, a "martisor" which is a charm that they use to wear during spring (how cool is that?!), the stamps, an handmade embellishment, Doraemon  stickers, and of course, a letter. She actually sent me one more thing, a bracelet with my name on it, but the picture turned out very bad so this time I'm not posting it. However it is super nice!


Last but totally not least, there's Andy's letter. Her envelopes are always so pretty *^* even when they're that simple! I was already happy with just the envelope, really xD

Along with her lovely letter, she sent me a bunch of stationery stuff, I'm still delighted! I'm such a sucker for labels, evelopes and whatsoever, that I drooled all over the place while opening her mail :D

Among the other things, there's also that cool thaumatrope (lower left corner in the pic) which is that thing with a different drawing on each side, and when you speedily flip it, it creates an optical illusion, and it that case is the bird in the cage. So cool! I had never seen one live before :)

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