Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lettermo day 11, 12 & 13

Katie, Steffi, Neda, Tegan, Oana, and Sarah, are those who received my letter so far, or at least those who let me know. I'm really excited about the fact that some of them are writing back!

This week first letter went out for Sophia; I finally made it after all the exams at Uni.

I'm really happy with the stamps I've used (and I'm gonna use) this week. I managed to find some old edition ones fom the past five years or so. This year's design, at least so far, is pretty boring, while these are colorful and more unique in my opinion.
Anyway, the letter sent on tuesday was for Karima but I forgot to take a picture ç_ç I was sure I did but when I checked my camera SD card it was empty..

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I won't be leaving my house because this is the way I party (!) so I sent wednesday's letter today and it was for Andie:

How bad am I at hand carving stamps?! I wonder why I keep doing it.. Not to mention the fact that I forgot to carve the image mirrored, if this makes sense. I hope that at least the inside of the envelope will result better than the outside u_u
Anyway, that's all for now. Did any of you sent/received something cool this week so far? Because I'd love to know :3


  1. Yeah !!!! My letter is coming !!!! Maybe day after tomorrow !
    I'm sad to not see a picture here, but it doesn't matter ... it will be a surprise.


    I will send you back a letter !!! Thanks !

    Kyra (Karima^^ )

    1. Hi Karima,
      Thank you :)!!
      I'm really sorry that I didn't post a picture of your letter, I hope the surprise will be nice at least <3