Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lettermo day 14 & 15 + incoming mail

So, I've just realized that Blogspot scheduled posts system dosn't work.. is it just me, or?
Anyway, other two requested letters have been wrote and mailed this weekend.
The first one to go out, was for January:

The second for Sue;

After I sent them, I felt a little bad because the envelopes aren't decorated as much as the other I've sent so far, but this week I barely had the time to breathe so I did my best tomake them look nice, and that's all I could do.

I also received a couple of letters during the week.
The first one is a card from Steffi, which is a girl I found through sendsomething and to whom I sent a letter when I started the Lettermo.

She was very kind to wish me happy birthday and also sending me some stamps and embellishments, not to mention the picture of her bunnies, d'aw *-*
The second one is from Mary, another mail enthusiast :) (make sure to check out her blog for some awesome mail related posts, very inspirational!)

Everything, from the envelope to the letter, is really colorful and nice! I'm already writing back, and her letter is by all chances going out on Wednesday, after Joan's and Mikela's one.


  1. I'm so glad you received it. Thanks for posting! :)
    Also, the blogger scheduled posts work for me.. make sure you click 'done' after you schedule the post. You can e-mail me if you're having problems still. <3

    1. My pleasure, Mary :)
      thank-you for the infos about the scheduled posts, next time I'll double check that I've setted everything up correctly! xx