Sunday, 4 March 2012

Incoming + special delivery

The past week has been quite satisfying in terms of incoming mail. Here's what I found in my mailbox.

This, is a Valentine's card from Iris, which was totally unexpected but very much appreciated :) Moreover I also was a lot surprised that her mail hadn't got lost somewhere, since that most of the letters we've exchanged so far didn't make it to our houses. I don't know, Mexico and Italy seem to have the worst postal connection ever! But anyway, the next letter I'm going to write and send her, will arrive to her because I'm going to use registered mail; I'm sick and tired of missing letters.

I also got two postcards. The blue, kind of unusual postcard, is from postcrossing. I recently sent out 4 postcards and this is the first one I received. It's not really my style but the message on the back was pretty nice, so :)
The black and white one is, instead, a postcard I received for a swap-bot swap about books. The prompt was to write to your partner the titles of the last book you've read, the book you're currently reading, and the one you want to read next. This is the first of three postcards I should receive from that.

The following postcard, is also from a postcrosser, and I received it ten days ago but forgot to post a picture of it here.
It's from a russian girl, which wrote me a very lovely note in which she told me a little about herself; She's a doll-maker, a model, a photographer and even an artist. The postcard infact is handmade and handpainted, and represent one of her selfportraits. I'm really amazed to see how many talents and gifts a single person can has. And besides that, this is honestly one of the most gorgeous postcards I've ever received, and I'm definitely going to frame it and hang it on my wall.

Last friday, along with the letter for the lettermo, I also sent a special letter out: it is for a print swap I've arranged with my new - I really hope so! - pen pal Julia.

By the time I took the picture it wasn't stamped yet because I had no clue on how much it costs to send to Indonesia, since this is the very first time I have a pen pal from Asia - and that's kind of exciting! Anyway I brought it at the post office and didn't pay too much, considering the weight of the envelope conteining 5 pictures + the letter and some other stuff I've included.
I'm so curious to see her pictures, I can't wait for her letter to be here! :D

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