Friday, 2 March 2012

Lettermo day 3, 4 and 5

The first week has been succesfully completed, and yes, I must say I'm very satisfied and proud of myself that I was able to keep up with my schedule.
The letters sent are the following:
(Neda, if you're reading, you might want to stop, since one of these letters is for you. Also, Tegan, one of those contains spoilers for yours & believe me, it won't be hard to figure out which one...)
The first ones, are for the last two people off sendsomething, and the last one is the first off the list of people that requested me one.

For the next one, I made an envelope out of the italian version of the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book cover.

Before any of you (us!) Potterheads and/or bookworm starts panicking, I didn't ruin my book, or any other book to make it. The copy of the book I took it from, was about to be thrown away because ruined during a flooding, so I actually saved it. Do I deserve to be rewarded with 10 points to Ravenclaw? (I'm a self-proclaimed Ravenclaw in case you're wondering, unless until Pottermore opens its magic gates to the rest of us...)

The last one for this week, it's Neda's.
The decoration is pretty simple, and also the hearts are made with a self-made rubber stamp that I carved... in fact the contours are not very neat but, they're cute, right?

To the people who requested a letter for this month, if you're interested, click the 'read more' to see in what order they're going out, so that you indicatively know when to expect it.
  1. Neda (sent on friday 2nd) 
  2. Tegan
  3. Oana
  4. Maggie
  5. Caraa
  6. Karima
  7. January
  8. Joan
  9. Mikela
  10. Virginia
  11. Sue
This is the order in which I received the requests, it's not based on anything else. Although, I'll probably send Sue's letter in the first half of the month because she lives in the furthest location among the others, and I'm afraid it might take 20+ days to arrive.


  1. hey! I found your Tumblr & blog and I would love to send you some mail. e-mail me your address??
    maryhassound (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. Oh God, you're so tallented : o I'm on this blog by accident really, and I'm giing to stay here for more :) I also love letters, but I usually send them in plain envelopes - I can't do anything so amazing.

    1. Why thank you! :) I actually don't do anything special though, I still have to work on my decoration skills :D