Friday, 9 March 2012

Lettermo 8, 9 and 10

Another week completed!
I'm so happy I eventually made it for this week's goal, that I can't even tell. It's been an awful week for me but at least I had something pleasant to focus on.

(spolier alert for: Oana, Maggie and Caraa)

From wednesday through friday, these are the letter that went out.

From this picture you can tell I've mastered the photoshop tecnique to hide the addresses; No more using hideous pieces of torn paper, yay! Also, when I brought it at the post office, the employee was really kind not to put the ugly international mail label on the envelope, but putting a pretty stamp. He said that such a nice envelope deserved an as well nice stamp.. all I could do, was standing there, smiling awkwardly and blushing, but I'm sure he knows how much I appreciated it :D
The others employees just give me weird looks when I hand them the envelopes, like they've never seen anything similar.. which is kind of impossible since they work at a post office, but whatever.

This envelope to send Maggie's letter, is one of my handmade ones. It's from the index of an old atlas. I'm not sure if it looks boring or kinda cool.. what do you think?

The last one, sent today, is Caraa's letter, which is actually of a lovely mint green color. However the awful lighting in my room just.. made it look like that.

Does anyone, besides Tegan, received anything yet? Let me know >_<


  1. I did! I received my letter today and I couldn't be more happy! Thank you so much, Fab. I'm writing yours right now.

    1. Oh that's great! I'm super happy to know you liked it, you don't need to thank me :3 I can't wait to get yours <3