Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lettermo day 6 & 7

Today and yesterday's letters that have been sent, are one for the 'instant photo swap' I joined on swap-bot, and one requested here.
(Spoiler alert for: Tegan.)

The envelope I used for this letter is one of those that my friend/business partner pensandenvelopes @tumblr hand-made and sent me a while ago. It was hard to send out this envelope, I really love it and all the others she sent me. I was very tempted to use them into my journals for scrapbooking and such, but envelopes are made to be sent after all, and also it would have been a pity to stick them somewhere...so the day for one of them has come on monday.

That letter, instead, is for Tegan, and like the one I've posted in my last entry, it was made out of the italian cover of an Harry Potter book, the Goblet of Fire. Sorry the copy/paste but I think it needs to be accompained by a disclaimer: Before any of you (us!) Potterheads and/or bookworm starts panicking, I didn't ruin my book, or any other book to make it. The copy of the book I took it from, was about to be thrown away because ruined during a flooding, so I actually saved it. 

Anyway, let me point out that for this project, it has been the first time ever that I've made envelopes myself. I know they're not perfect but I had to start somewhere! I've already planned to send some handmade envelopes to some of you, so go easy on me judging them... I'm not a pro (yet?).


  1. Letter going out to you tomorrow morning!

    1. So excited! Can't wait for it to be here :) Thank you!