Thursday, 29 March 2012

Request A Letter: April

Sooo, my first month of Lettermo will end tomorrow, and I've already decided to repeat this experience next month. To get a head start, I'm already accepting requests in case you want to receive something from me! This time I'll take 9 requests only, bacause I've some swaps to do and moreover, this is quite an expensive hobby ಥ_ಥ
Before requesting a letter, please read here what is this about, then you can click here to go ahead with the request EDIT: I've already received all the requests, so please don't send anymore! If you're interested, stick around coz I'll be doing it next month ;) If you alrready requested one on march, please don't sign up. The form will stop working as soon as I get the maximum number of requests, so if you click and it doesn't work, then you're lat, but hopefully I'll be doing this again next month.


  1. Hi :) if you want to send me a letter my address is: Marisa Rose, 4372 Piper Street, San Diego, CA 92117. I understand if you don't because I'm across the world from you :p -Marisa /mythologgy (on tumblr)

  2. Lisa Marquez
    10505 Hemlock, Corpus Christi, TX 78410
    Yeah I also live really far away.. but I do have a Wreck This Journal and I know when I send someone something and they send me something back with something cute in it I like it...

  3. I clicked, a while back, and it worked, but i haven't received anything...maybe I just thought it worked. if so, i'll just sign up next time. I would really love mail from you