Tuesday, 9 October 2012

3 things tuesday

Hello guys, today it finally feels like Autumn is behind the corner: the air is chilly, the sky is cloudy,  it isn't rainy weather yet but you can smell it in the air ahem, it just started raining.
Anyway, I'm not going to post 3 things I've done lately because, ugh, besides being in bed and going to the gym I haven't done anything interesting.
This post will be more likely about 3 things I like about Fall :)
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1.  The cosy feel of everything. (I know it's a weird thing to say, but Autumn just inspires me a sense of warmth and cosiness..)

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2. Drinking tea three times a day.

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3. The smell of rain and the reflections in the puddles.

What are three things you like about this season? :)
Have a nice day,
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  1. I like leaves blowing around and accidentally catching them, the prevalence of the color orange, and being able to comfortably wear more layers.

  2. pie season! Omg! blankets! sweaters!omg I love it!

  3. I do enjoy the same things you do! Putting on a wool cape or sitting in front of the tv with the whole family around our stove. Autumn is such a cozy season, really!

  4. I like getting an excuse to wear my nice gloves/mittens, especially the ones with the matching scarf. I like when the air has that fresh but no longer summery smell. And I like going outside when it's cool, not as cold as winter but the unpleasant hot stickiness of summer is gone, and the sun is no longer always in my eyes (I struggle with sunglasses when I already wear normal glasses.)

    I think autumn is my favourite season. And October is my favourite month, but then again, that's mainly because it's the month of my birthday :p.

    Also, I agree with you Fab; lots of tea is always good! and cake. Always cake.

    M x

  5. I love the overall cozy atmosphere, the cool air and warm colours instantly makes everything better.I've only had 2 autumn experiences and they both differ quite greatly but if I had a choice to pick a season to live in for a year, Autumn would be it.♥