Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3 things

Hello guys, hope you're having a great week.
Mine started with a storm and cold wind, which are making me feel sick, but still, last week was reeeally nice instead.
On Thursday, I got to spend a lovely afternoon with my penpal Kelly and her friends, all the way from Chicago!
It was honestly one of the best experiences ever! It was my first time meeting someone from America and I was really worried at the beginning; I was afraid that my English wouldn't have been enough to sustain a conversation and things like that, but already after two minutes with her I felt so much better and everything went smoothly :)
Another thing I was worried about were awkward silences, but contrarily to my expectation, we had so many things to tell each other that there was no space for them!

Anyway, moving on to the three things, these are the things I enjoyed the most that day :)
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1. We got some really good gelato.
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2. We took the cable car and went sightseeing from one of my favourite spots.

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3. We went to dinner together and had pizza!

If a penpal would come to your city, what are three things you'd show them/food you'd suggest them to try etc?
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  1. I have the same worries about meeting penpals, Fab, I'm glad your meeting was good. Thanks for sharing!
    If (when!) a penpal visited me, I would surely take him/her to Paulista avenue, my favorite place in São Paulo, and also suggest to eat cheesebread and brigadeiro (a kind of bonbon), which are Brazilian uniques.

    1. I can assure you that all the worries disappear after a while :)
      Thanks for sharing, now I'm very curious about brigadeiro! x

  2. Your experience to meet your penpal sounds wonderful. I was just reading about it. thanks for sharing this great post today!

    if you are interested i am hosting a free prize/giveaway via my blog.

  3. I'm so excited for you to meet a penpal for the first time. I've met about six of mine and they've all been positive experiences. I've never had a penpal come visit me, though, and if that did happen I would want to show them:
    -the free book store
    -American Visionary Art Museum
    -maybe the crab nachos at Nacho Mama's
    (all in Baltimore)

    1. Wow six are a lot, you're a lucky girl! Your plan for the day sounds awesome, I'm sure your penpal would have a great time! xx

  4. Sounds like great fun!I heard Gelato in Italy is amazingly delicious!:D
    I think I'd be so nervous if I were to meet a penpal!
    I've never actually thought about it but I'd definitely take her to a relatively well known food market near where I live for some good local food,
    - the marina bay sands when the sun is down, even though it's so touristy, it's a pretty decent spot to admire the city lights
    - and of course, the philatelic museum!

    1. I can confirm that it's true about the gelato :P
      Your plan for the days sounds great too! And oh, the philatelic museum! If it were me, I would probably spend all my stay there :D x

  5. So great that you got to meet one of your penpals. I've met Marlou (heimarlou.blogspot.com) and that was such a cosy day :)

    1. I remember reading about it :) It seemed like a lovely day indeed! x