Wednesday, 3 October 2012

october mail week 1

Good afternoon guys!
Have you sent many letters this week? Me, not really, just a few. I'm a little behind with some replies but I have to sort out some Uni stuff before the semester begins, so it might take a while.
Anyways, that's what went out:
A letter to Elisse (whenever I write this, I can't help but singing this song in my head, lol) in Belgium, which looks quite Italian with the little Vespa on the envelope and the man on the stamp (which according to wikipedia was a famous Italian tenor).

Another  letter went to Iris in Mexico, and please, keep your fingers crossed for us because we haven't had the best of luck in the past :<

Aaaand a special delivery to a lovely gal for a collaboration I'm really looking forward to, which I'm going to talk about later on when everything will be set :)
Lastly, two postcards out: Corey in Singapore, is going to receive my typewriter card, while Ksenia in Israel will receive that weird one.
yaay pretty stamps.
That's all for me :) what did you send, instead?
Have a nice day!
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  1. Yeees, I'm already looking forward to receiving it :) Baaah, I hate it when people say my name wrong, so good for you that you just wrote it on your blog :p (jk of course) That weird postcard is actually really intruiging!

    1. Ahah, sorry, I was distracted by the song, hence the typo! Just fixed it by the way :P I can't stand when people get my name wrong too, so I'd understand you if you hated me for a moment :D xx

  2. Actually, I kind of liked that weird card,I love such cards! I have sent almost nine cards today for all the swaps that I have signed up for and it feels amazing to send many cards together.

    1. Woah 9 cards?! That's a lot. If you liked that card I'll make sure to send you one similar next time :)

  3. That typewriter is awesome. Looks a lot with a wrapping paper I'm keeping to make an envelope. :)
    What is the image on the second stamp? I like it.

    1. Thanks <3 The image on the second stamp is a painting called "Battaglia di Cavalieri" :) here: