Tuesday, 30 October 2012

3 things

Hello guys! How are you today?
Here where I live is getting really cold and I'm constantly sneezing, but apart from that I'm doing OK.
Last week I found a small sketching moleskine on my shelf, that I didn't even remember buying (because I always stock up on notebooks but never actually get the chance to use them..). Anyways, I got pretty excited and literally used it everyday since, trying to A) drawing people/stuff from memory (because I'm completely unable to draw without a reference, what a pro!) B) trying to improve with portraits. The 3 things for today are three sketches I made, which aren't complete rubbish :)

1. I tried to draw Florence from memory, and failed as you can see. However if you don't consider that I was trying to draw her, I think it's not too bad for a 2 mins sketch.

2. Failed lettering on the left, and random Victorian woman on the right.

3. Lol, this one is actually pretty funny. I wanted to draw from memory Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (even tho, my favourite version is the one with Rooney Mara ) but once again, my memory is not reliable at all u_u"
I don't know why the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of a punk version of Marion Cotillard.
Oh my, someone come take away this moleskine from me before I go bananas, please!

What are three things you drew/have been doing lately? :)
Have a nice day,


  1. Waw, your drawings are so good! Don't laugh with mine when you receive my letter ;-)

  2. I thought I must be the only person in this world who cannot draw without reference *__* If it makes you feel any better, your drawings are soooo much better than mine! :D I have been *trying* to improve my kawaii style drawings, but meh... I'm not dedicated enough :P

  3. Your drawings are just great! I wish I could draw something like that.I hope you will keep posting about your drawings and other works of art.

  4. Drawing has been slow for a long time now and although I'm motivated I'm feeling very uninspired, so I'm drawing portraits based on photo's I pinned. Maybe if I keep practicing inspiration will flow back to me. :)

    I love your first drawing the most, there's something about the eyes.

  5. :O in first time your new layout is so fancy! I love it! ^^ and the portraits looks amazing, I like you style in draws... so simple so beautiful :) I arrieve from my weekend far away from home and found your postcard waiting for me... thank you! ^^

  6. I adore your style! The eyes are wonderful, I wish I could draw like this too. x

  7. The last drawing DOES look like Marion Cotillard all rock'ed up.! :D

  8. I really like the Victorian lady. You're great with eyes!