Monday, 8 October 2012

postcards in my mailbox

Hello guys, how did your week begin?
Saturday, I forgot to post y incoming mail for the week, so here it is instead:
I've been loving those postcards I received respectively from Nicole in China for a private swap, my postcard pal Amit in India, and from "Morning" in China (she didn't signed with her name), a lovely girl who tagged me on postcrossing for an hand drawn postcard.

Nicole's postcard shows an old map of the various provinces of China, and I love its vintage look. Amit's one shows in a very fun way the various type of turbans that are used in India, and he also wrote about their meaning, and it was really interesting to learn!

The back of the postcards were also nice, with so many stamps! Sadly, one these fell off but anyway! My favourite is definitely the one with the Indian silk print, isn't it gorgeous?!

Moving on on the incoming, it was also a nice week for swaps. I got this package of random paper bits from Sanne in the Netherlands for project #29 by J. Yamaguchi and it was very lovely to go through all the stuff she sent me (which is not all pictured in here).

Another bag of paper bits was sent from Katelin in the US, which sent me mostly stuff for my SMASH* <3

Lastly, I received a letter from my lovely pal Harriet, which beautifully decorated the envelope as usual, and also included some paper bits!

What did you receive this past week?
Have a nice Monday!


  1. I love the papers you received from Harriet, and also the postcard from Amit - his handwriting is gorgeous, isn't it?
    Oh, and I do want that skull postcard, I love it!

    1. It is! I was really impressed the first time I saw it, I wish I was that good at writing :)

  2. ._. wow, that thing... Pacifico Beer! moving my feelings and remind me so many things of my vacations in Mazatlan...oh good :D amazing mail fab! as ever!

    1. Thank you :D Also for sharing the story about the beer :D that's crazy!

  3. I posted a letter for you today, I hope it goes safely on its way! Made sure to tape it up securely, as always :).

    Those are some lovely postcards, and I can just imagine how lovely it must be to go through those packages of paper bits and pieces. I have to agree with Penny, Amit's handwriting is beautiful!

    Hope you have a happy mail week! M x

    1. Yippiee :D Hope it comes fast!
      And yes, I do love paper bits, as silly as it may sound, so I'm always glad to open those kind of swaps :3