Tuesday, 2 October 2012

3 thing tuesday

Hi guys :) How did your week begin?
Mine's okay so far and I spent the past days mostly drawing, focusing on an illustration I titled Demon Girl. (I'm sooo good at titles, woah).
1. It all started one night while I was listening to Bat For Lashes and sketched this.
 2. Then during a lazy afternoon, I decided to scan it just to see if I could make something out of it and..
3. ..after 5 consecutive hours in AI (and a wrist on fire), + 2 of editing some time later, this is what I've accomplished, and I'm really happy with it! On a side note, I don't know if you're familiar with Adventure Time, but my boyfriend thinks she looks like an adult version of Marcelline xD But probably it's the skin colour that is deceiving.
Anyways, it's available in a thousand of different shapes in my søciety6 shop, and I think it would make a lovely non-pumpkin-related Halloween card :3
Not to mention I love the iPhone skin! I would get it myself if someone is interested in buying me an iPhone first :B

What have you been doing lately, instead?
Have a nice day,
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  1. <3_<3 ohh god I really love it! I saw it on tumblr and I fall in love immediately! :3 awesome fab!!

  2. OMG, this is gorgeous! <3 I wish I could create something as amazing as this *_*

  3. Yes, I guess she looks a little like Marcelline. :) Your drawing is beautiful, I loved it. :D

    I've been studying a lot and playing Pokémon and Bit.Trip Runner. :)

  4. I love both the original drawing as well as the digital illustration.

  5. Waw, it's gorgeous! Though it's not really my style, a bit 'too dark' for me. But I like it very much, and it's beautifully drawn!

  6. You're so talented, Fab! <3