Saturday, 9 June 2012

this is not my mailbox!

Hey guys!
As usual, here's the weekly post to show you how awesome my penpals are :)
I don't feel particularly chatty today, so I'll go straight to the point and let the pictures talk for me!

On Monday, I received this letter from the lovely Yoshi in Austria. She has a really nice, colourful blog about snail mail, you should absolutely check it out!

On Tuesday, I received a package from my friend Marisa in the USA.

Look at what she sent me! Along with her letters, she sent me her copy of This Is Not A Book - so that I can make some pages for her :) - a crystal, some lovely stickers, and a Paris notebook! Everything was wrapped in beautiful blue paper but.. I ripped it in excitement so, no picture!

Yesterday I received this beautiful envelope for a mail art swap over on swap-bot.

And lastly, today I received two more letters:

This one is from Emily all the way from Alaska! Look how beautiful the envelope is :)

Aaand, this one if from Madeline in the UK. When I received it, I was confused by the envelope and couldn't recall where I saw it before.. then I realised that it was my stationery and a silly smile popped on my face :) Anyway, Maddie sent me a bunch of her lovely mini envelopes that I can't wait to use in my SMASH book, some book pages, and a nice bunny card!

That's all for this week's incoming.. did you receive something special too? :)


  1. Which Keri Smith books do you own? Does this new gift complete your collection? What's your favorite?
    PS - I want to see pictures of the inside of your SMASH book.

    1. This is not a gift :) (pun not intended!) She only gave it to me for a while to help her with some pages. I'll send it back to her when I'm done with it :)
      Anyway I have my own copy of it, 2 Wreck This Journal, Finish This Book, and How To Be An Explorer of The World. I'm a big fan xD
      Do you have any? :)

      Oh and sure! As soon as I recharge my camera batteries I shall rememebr to take some pictures!

  2. How interesting is that mail art envelope.It was made from something or painted?

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? :) It was made using illustrations from a magazine, but she painted over the dresses :)

  3. Hi Fab! I received just a part of the airmail envelope you sent me today. :( A part of the envelope and the contents are lost. :( :( It's so sad!

    1. What? o_o Is it completely empty? I'm so sorry it happened.. I will send you another letter soon :c