Thursday, 28 June 2012

travelling notebook

Hi guys!
Those of you who are active on the postcrossing forum or even on tumblr, lately, should be aware of the existence of these so called travelling notebooks.
To sums it up for those of you who are instead unaware of those projects, a TN, is a notebook that is sent around the world to the different participants, so that each of them can make its own contribution to it. Once that the last participant has filled it in, it has to be sent back home to the person that sent it first.

I myself joined a couple of those TN project over the years. Some of them never arrived though, and it was pretty sad. The few that actually made it to me, were really interesting and so much fun to fill out. Not long ago I signed up for another of those project over tumblr, but apparently, one of the first participants in the list disappeared and another TN got lost.

The other day I found this A6 notebook in my drawer and this idea popped in my mind, why don't I try to make my own version of a TN? So here it is, ready to travel the world:

I'm looking for 5 participants (all from Europe, sorry!) to join this project, if you're interested click read more :3

Basic guidelines:
  • The notebook is very light and will cost slightly more than a normal letter, in terms of stamps.
  • It has 24 pages (48 front+back), each participant can fill up to 4 pages, (8 front+back).
  • The notebook doesn't have a theme but: one page must be filled with a sort of "about me", and another one, whit some info about your country. You'll have 2 pages to express yourself in the medium you prefer (stick pictures, write poetry, draw.. anything!)
  • Each participants can keep the journal for a maximum of 7 days.
  • Don't add heavy embellishments, in order to keep the postage fees low.
  • The participants' order won't be casual. I'll try to make the smartest list possible so that each of us will send to the nearest country (once again, to keep the fees low, and also to wait the least time possible). 
  • Your address won't be shared with all the participants, but only with the person that will have to send the notebook to you.
Who am I looking for?

Anyone who thinks that would enjoy this kind of project and that would put any sort of artistic effort in it. You don't have to be a fine artist (I'm not one myself!), you just need to have to do it with passion. Lastly, in order to join you should be a blogger, so that your blog would sort of guarantee your releability.

To join, all you need to do is comment this post and leave your email address so that I will be able to contact you. In case that more than 5 people will comment, only the first 5 will be able to join (if they satisfy the above mentioned conditions).

The notebook will be returned to me, and I will post a digitalized version of it here on the blog, for everyone else to see :) Also, each participant will receive a little something from me at the end of the project, as a thank you for making it happen.

I calculated that the whole project should last around 3 months, so before signing up, please make sure you'll be able to fulfill your commitment for the whole durability of the project that will start the first week of July and should end approximatively around mid October.

I think this is all. If you have any question feel free to ask, and I hope some of you will be interested in joining :)



Final list:
  1. Me // Italy // July 10
  2. Elisse // Belgium 
  3. Andie // Portugal
  4. Marysza // Poland
  5. Frida // Norway 
  6. Veronica // Spain
  7. Me // Italy

To clarify this point, I'm giving people with a blogger/wordpress blog the priority to join, because as I said, I had no luck in the past with Tumblr, so please don't take it personally.


  1. I would love to be a part of this project! Great idea, something similar is here in Poland organised sometimes with so called travel journals (big&thick - but you know, it's only around Poland so the shipping is cheap and fast)

    So.. Count me in!!! Oh and if it is ok I would like to have this travelling notebook on July or August because in September i have no time at all because I have to learn every day for my exams.. o.O

    You know my e-mail! ;p

  2. Ooooh, I would like to participate as well! But I'm on vacation from 8 - 18 July and 1 - 10 August, and I'll probably be living in Madrid from September till February so that eliminates me I guess :(

    But if you can 'put' me at the end of July or August, I would loooove to participate!

  3. Amazing idea, I'd love to participate (if you don't mind, that is)

  4. Yay! Already 3 participants :) I'm glad you liked my idea.

    @Elisse: I could send to you first, so that by the time you'll come back home you'll find it waiting for you :) is that OK?

    @Marysza: Awesome! I will list you for that period then, don't worry! ;)

    @Andie: Glad to see you joining! Let me know if you have preferencies for the dates :)

  5. I'm interested, my email is

  6. I'm defenitely interested!
    It's such a cool idea, but I can only do it after the 10th of july (:

  7. this is so cute fab,


  8. oh, my email: (:

  9. I would also really like to participate, adding Norway to the list :D My email is:

  10. I tried this years ago, the person I sent it to kept mine and someone elses journal, she seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. I remade mine and sent it to the next person and that person too never bothered to pass it on. Still its something that sounds so much fun.

  11. I see there's a lot of people wantibg to participate already, and I don't have an own blog (I've only been guest writing on blogs), but I' like to participate. So if someone doesn't want to/ can't do it anymore, I'd love to be added to the list :)

  12. booooooooooo I think I'm late :(
    I'm in Spain berriquita at hotmail . com

  13. hei, if anyone backs out, here's my email, I'm from Romania: and I have a blogspot blog.

  14. I hope you could do an international travelling notebook in the future! Would really love to be a part of it! :)

  15. If the newly opened spot is still open I'd love to take part! Love, h x