Monday, 18 June 2012

ironman in my mailbox

Hello guys!
I'm sorry I've been absent in the past few days, but I still have one course at Uni that is really time consuming, so I couldn't really keep the blog updated.
Anyway I have received a bunch of letters in the past days, and I think it's finally time to show you :)

The first thing I received was this letter from Roxana in the US. She sent me a lovely decorated letter and some organic tea and a postcard from a recent trip to NY, so cool! And the tea is just great! Anyway the stamps on the envelope weren't cancelled.. Do any of you guys know why it happens sometimes? Not that I'm complaining.. she used very pretty stamps and my philatelic self is very happy that they're in perfect condition, but yeah, it's just one thing I've been wondering for a while.

Moving on, this letter is from Thea in Norway. Along with it, she also sent me some of her ATCs. She's new to it, but she surely did a great job with them! The one with the houses is by far my favourite ATC ever :)

Juliette in the Netherlands, sent me this lovely handmade card, with a very neat Ironman drawing on it. Beautiful, isn't it?

This one, is the first letter from Ankita (which is originally from Mumbai, but currently, lives in the UK). I really loved the stationery she used.. you can't just not love a bunny and a kitty having a sushi supper, can you?! u_u

This, is a letter from Lauren in the UK. We hadn't much luck in the past but hopefully it won't happen again. Besides the very pretty envelope and a lovely letter (you can't really see, but she has a gorgeous handwriting too!), she sent me some stickers and stamps :3

This letter here, is a special one. Back in January, I arranged a series of WTJ pages swap to be done in March. However, Monica - the girl who sent me this letter- had troubles with school and her schedule, so we had to wait to swap until last week. We sent each other the "Wrap something with this page" page, and that's what she sent me :)

The "Fabulous - Fab" pun because of my name, seems to be very popular among my penpals xD
Every time I found "fabulous" written somewhere on the envelope or the letter, I both chuckle and feel silly because I end up thinking what the postman might think of someone who's addressed as fabulous xD but anyway..

..this one, instead, is the page I sent her.

Back to letters, I received this one from Nada all the way from Algeria! She also sent me a nice bracelet and some wee balls that when immersed in water, triple their size (I don't know if they have a proper name, but they're kinda cool).

Then, I received the swap from Meredith! She sent me a suicide bunny (I love them!) postcard, some stickers and a smile! :D The me ghosta stickers made me lough so much! Anyway if you want to check out what I've sent her, you can stop by her blog :3

Last but not least, today I've received two more letters:
the top one, is from Almanté in Lithuania, she folded every page like a sort of origami, I'm not sure if you can tell.. but it was very interesting to see and fun to unfold :)
The bottom one, is instead from Emily in Sweden! She's one of my newest penpal, but despite the fact the this one is our first letter ever, I already feel a special connection with her and I really look forward to know her better :) As you can see, she also sent me a picture of herself (which I'm partially hiding in case she's not OK with me posting it) and some very cool cupcake iron on patches!

That was an awesome mail week for me, and I really hope it was good for you guys too :)
Since my schedule for this week is completely messed up, I'm not sure if or when I'll be able to post about the outgoing letters, so here's the list of the ones I'm writing: Yoshi, Mariam, Alicija and Madeline! It will be updated as soon as possible :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. i don't know what you mean by "canceled" one the first picture, but i know that long stamp (the one with the cherry blossoms) is a 'forever' brand stamp. that means, that no matter how much the stamp price goes up, you can use that one...or something like that

  2. Aww I was so sad because my letter not arrieved to you! and I surprised saw here!! ahaha!! I'm glad to like you! :D and the stamp weren't canceled... happened with your letter to me, and I think that too!! why happened that!?

    1. I don't know!! But if I find out, I'll let you know :D

  3. Awesome mail week indeed! You have the most creative penpals!

    1. I know :D I received your letter today, which speaking of creative penpals, was very lovely!

  4. Yeah that's what I call a "Happy mailbox-day" ^^

  5. Oh my, that's a looooot of mail! He he, I like every single one of them! So unique and personal :)

    1. They are, indeed :) My mailbox was pretty full this week, I was lucky :)

  6. I don't know why the stamps don't get franked sometimes but I'm always so happy when it happens to nice stamps. I would be jumping for joy if I got an envelope like that with so many perfect stamps! Then again, sometimes the frank is nice too - I got a postcard the other day where the frank said "Greetings from Far Far Away" with a picture of Shrek and Donkey next to it :D.

    So excited to see my name on the list of outgoing letters you're writing, yay! Can't wait to hear from you, and once again I've been collecting up little bits and pieces to send you :).

    Also, both the Iron Man your friend drew and the TARDIS ATC from your other friend are AWESOME. You certainly have had a happy mailbox! :)

    1. Aww the Shrek stamps must be so cute! :3

      Your letter should be to you shortly, as I sent it today! <3

  7. Loving the art by Thea! Does she have a blog??

  8. Sometimes stamps don't get cancelled because they go through the machine and someone misses them. A lot of people reuse them. =P