Saturday, 23 June 2012

june mail week #3

Hello there!
Maybe, and I say maybe, I'm back on track with the blog, eventually.
Or at least I will, starting from Monday.
Today, to end this messy couple of mail weeks, I'm going to do a post about both incoming and outgoing mail of the past week.

Let's get started with the incoming!

This one, or better, those two, are from Neda in Norway. She sent me a letter and also a postcard from her recent trip to London :)
How I wish to go back there again! >n<

This very pretty letter, is from Ines in Serbia. We met through tumblr/swap-bot and arranged a private swap a while back and then decided to be penpals! She's incredibly creative, and as you can see, her drawings are amazing.

Another new penpal letter here! This super stuffed envelope is from Elisse.
You should really stop over her blog, you won't be disappointed! Besides mail related posts, you'll also find a lot of useful links and tutorials to create interesting things :)
She sent a lot of stuff along with the letter, as you can see: some stamps, an heart shaped corner-bookmark (I'm not sure if it's how they're called..), photos and illustrations, and a baggie of fabric tape she made!

Yay for handmade envelopes! This one was made by Ria, my Romanian penpal, using a magazine page with a stuffed teddy on it. Cute, isn't it? Oh, and the other bear "card" is folded to stay up, and it's now an inhabitants of my desk :D

The last incoming for the week, is Mona's letter, another beauuutiful handmade envelope.
I'm always impressed when I receive a letter tied with twine.. the postal service gain points!
She wrote her letter on a super cute stationery, and sent me some stickers and small note cards that I'm very tempted to use in my SMASH! There was also a postcard from a jelly beans factory that she visited.. so cool!

Now, to the outgoings:
as I said in a previous post, I've sent letters to: Yoshi, Mariam & Alicja, but didn't had the chance to take pictures.

Then, I sent a letter to Madeline and decorated her envelope inspired by the stamp I used :)

This letter is for Ankita in India. She lived in England since a couple of days ago when she finished her studies and got back to her country. I've never sent a letter to India.. so I hope it will arrive fast!
Oh and aren't the stamps I used very nice? I especially love the black and white one, which is from a series of Italian designs stamps.

Last but not least, I've sent out (well not really, I'll send it on Monday) a box for a swap to a girl in Paris.

It was a really lovely swap, which consisted in sending six objects - each one for a different sense.

This is the content of the box, spoiler free just in case she'll ever end up here :)

That's all from me for this good mail week. Thanks to my lovely penpals, as usual, for being that awesome!
What did you sent and received this week? c:



  1. What amazing mail! Both incoming and outgoing! Especially the six senses box look very intriguing!

    This week I've gotten some swaps, letters from a pen pal and a package of homemade stamps that my boyfriend made me :D Not so much have been going out, but a letter or two, a card for postcrossing and a swap and an angel for a swap on swap-bot, yay :D Bisibee. Bzzbzz!

    1. Wow you surely had a busy mail week indeed :D but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

      And, what's your swap-bot username? :D

  2. Yay, you got my letter! And the letter tied with twine, how cool is that??

    1. Got it and loved it :) I'll reply soon waiting for your next weird envelope eheh :D

  3. this looks all so lovely! makes me really excited to write some letters today, as well :)
    and besides Ines' drawings, i really like her handwriting too!

    1. Yes, she also managed to write in straight lines on a blank paper, which is a talent I do not have :P
      And thank you, I'll be on the lookout for a new post on your blog then :)

  4. Oooh Fab, your mail box must be so happy every week :) Such cute and fun mail you got these past weeks!

    1. This week it surely was, also thanks to you :) I hope my letter will make your mailbox happy as well! :)

  5. Lovely mail! I feel so inspired :D

  6. Yay! Always so excited to see my name on an outgoing envelope, and it looks stunning! Can't wait to receive it. Especially since last week was a completely mail-free week for me, no incoming at all!
    At least I know I'll have at least one happy mail day this week, thank you!
    M x

    1. No need to thank me, M :) I hope it will get to you soon, I mailed it on Friday so you should get it around Wednesday or so!

  7. Glad that my letter made it to you with the twine still holding it together! :) Also, glad that you liked it Fab. I cannot wait for your reply.

    xx Mona

  8. It's always so interesting to see your mail Fab! I love that envelope with the hearts all over it :)