Saturday, 30 June 2012

mail art in my mailbox

Hello my dears :)
how was your mail week?
Mine started pretty late. I didn't received anything since Thursday, but it was absolutely worth the waiting! Not in a particular order, that's what I received:

 This letter, is my first from my new penpal Nadz from Malaysia.
She wrote me a very interesting letter introducing herself and the culture of her country, which I must say, is so fascinating! There are a lot of native tribes where she lives, and the person on the postcard belongs to one of those. As I said, so fascinating!

This wonderful piece of mailart was sent to me by a girl in the USA for a swap. Besides the typo of my name :P I really love it! There are so many different elements but I seem to like them all!

This is the back, which amongst all the things, features a 1 million dollars bill! Do you think that if I unglue it from the envelope I can go for a crazy shopping spree? :D

Moving on, I received a sweet letter from Mariam.  5 pages long and really heartfelt, just how I like it!
Next up, is another mail art swap, this time with H in the UK:

Pretty, isn't it? And I love how she wrote my name!

Inside, there was this equally amazing handmade note card - and also a bracelet that I forgot to take a picture of, because I was wearing it!
Anyway, my artsy reply will be sent on Monday :) Here's a sneak peak:

Lastly, I've received my first reply from Sara in Slovenia:

Along with the letter, she also sent me two tea bags in an envelope that reads "Keep calm and have a cup of tea".. I can't assure you I'll keep calm, but I'll surely have a cuppa because those teas smells amazing!
The following is a letter from my other Dutch penpal, Marjolijn who also included a drink for me :3
I really loved reading her letter, she so spontaneous and fun! c:

Now, it's time to catch up with some sent mail for the week:

Not sure when exactly I sent them, but they were my replies to Almantè in Lithuania, Nada in Algeria, and Elisse in Belgium :)
On a side note, I had an exam the other day, which means I'll be able to reply to quite a few letter this weekend, as I'm taking two days to breathe before getting into books again.

Thank you to all my wonderful penpals!
I hope your mailboxes have been happy as well! Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. i love the black butterfly sticker. i wish i knew where to get the international blue red and white envelopes. i love everyone's letters to you!! and i like your cursive to elisse

    -marisa :)

    1. Thank you :3
      I think you can find printables of the airmail envelopes somewhere!

  2. Awww you received my letter! I'm so happy you got it! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to get your letter ^^

  4. Oooh those seem like awesome letters! That must be one happy mailbox! And i'm reaaaally looking forward to your letter Fab!