Wednesday, 13 June 2012

june mail week #2

Hello you guys!
How are you doing this week? We're almost halfway through June already, which is sort of a bummer.. but anyway!

This week I'll be sending a lot of letters that I've kept on my desk for too long. Some of them have already being sent, others will be sent tomorrow or Friday. I have a terrible memory so, in no particular order, here's some pictures :3

Handmade envelope and very vintage looking stamps of famous Italian cinema personalities, for Kelly in Canada.

This one is for Sylvia in Greece. I don't really like the stamp~ but it was my last 60cent left.

This is for Sara in Portugal, and I really love the Dante Alighieri's stamp; it comes with a quote from the Divine Comedy, which doesn't count as postage stamp, but it's pretty nonetheless u_u

The last picture I have is for a collage mail art swap on swap-bot..

I know it looks particularly silly, but on my partner's profile there was written in capitals that she loves pigs so.. yeah.

Not pictured letters (because I'm a lazy sloth) were for: Andie in Portugal, Ria in Romania, Julie in Canada, Marjolijn in the Netherlands, and a postcard for a swap on tumblr to Danielle in the US.

That's all for this week! what's the weirdest envelope you sent or received? :)
So far mine is definitely this one with the pig.. also because I didn't mention that on the front, there are some creepy pig faces too xD


  1. HAHA, the pig is so cool! I didn't send or received any weird envelope yet, haha.And a letter for me, yay!

    1. Thanks! It's pretty silly, I know xD Hopefully she'll like it too :D
      If you want you can send your first weird envelope to me, ahah!
      And, let me know when you receive it! xx

  2. i love the first envelope!!

  3. Tahaha, lovely pig-envelope! :D Nice stamps on the first one too!

  4. lovely :D You have a great handwriting :)

  5. Received your lovely letter and the book today! Thanks so much! :) I'll have a package sent out to you by Saturday.

  6. That pig is so cute! Haha it's a bit weird, but I like it a lot :)

  7. The first floral envelope is so, so pretty!! xo