Thursday, 10 January 2013

2012 letters stats!

Hi guys! Yesterday night I was catching up on some blogs, when I found Tari's post about graphs and charts to show her snail mail productivity during the year.
If you've been reading my blog since the very beginning, you may know that I used to publish a monthly pie chart to calculate how many letters I wrote/received, but for some reason (well, not some reason, mostly because I'm a lazy fucker) I stopped doing that even if I thought it was quite fun.
Anyway, Tari inspired me to go through my blog archive and count every letter I sent and received this year, and to create some graphs!
{short disclaimer: I haven't passed my latest statistics exam (LOL!) so what I'm going to assume may be completely wrong, so, please don't judge me.}

As you can see, I sent a grand total of 226 letters from March to November, which is the period I recorded my mail activity on this blog, and in the same months, I received 197 letters.
Based on my very poor math knowledge, it means that for every 4 letters I sent, I received 3;
That in a week, three days out of 7 were mail day; and that I sent 1.5 letters every 2 days!
To be more specific, this is my mail activity through the single months:
As you can see, I've been mostly busy writing in May, while I was mostly busy reading in September.
The highest peaks - over 30, were in the months during which I joined the Lettermo, and the average letters sent per months is 25, which is a bit more than the total of my penpals.
That said, I've been writing a lot, haven't I?
To raise up the super sad Oct/Nov stats, I decided to follow my friend Jasmine's suggestion to join the Lettermo again this February!

Now, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of 204 of you that follow, comment, and hopefully enjoy my blog :3 Make sure to stick around to share with me another year full of - I hope! - many more mail days!

Do you know how many letters you sent and received in 2012? :)
Have a lovely day,


  1. Oh, I had never thought to count this up, but I have only sent two so far in 2013 so I am going to start counting! x

  2. Fab!!! I LOVE THIS NEW PROFILE THEME!!!! I WANT IT :( I LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! anyways, i'm working on a letter for you and i'm going to send it out when it stops raining here :( i know i don't "need" it, but i've been contemplating over whether or not to buy a new wtj, like one of the new published you have. what do you think? xx

    1. Thank you <3 Oh about the WTJ they now have more new pages with more ridections on how to wreck it, so since it's quite inexpensive, you should get it :3 xx

  3. Great to know I'm not the only crazy person who makes stats about her letters! :D

  4. wow! so many letters... I asking you, what do you doing with all of those letters!? :O
    I usually read my letters when I'm going to sleep ^^ you have a lot! Maybe the number is too much, but reality, it's a bunch of beauty and lovely letters. And yes! I always love your layouts, and definitely this its awesome... beautiful! ^^ I love it!

  5. Waw Fab, you're unbelievable! How can you keep up with all that letter writing?!