Sunday, 13 January 2013

Smash Sunday

Hi guys!Since many of you already have a smashbook, and some other are thinking about getting one, I thought it would be fun to share some tips and ideas with you on how to decorate your pages.
Also, most of the ideas can also be applied when crafting envelopes or stationery for your penpals, so even if you're not into scrapbooking, you may find something interesting ☺
Today I'll show you how to make a 2 minutes yet very decorative paper bunting:

➱ twine
➱ patterned paper
➱ scissors
➱ glue or stapler
➱ washi tape (optional)

✦ Cut the paper in as many as you want diamond shapes, making sure that one side is shorted than the other. They can either be the same size, or you can vary for different effect.
✦ Fold the shapes over the minor diagonal.
✦ Arrange the triangles on the twine and put a dot of glue inside the two halves (or staple them together) to attach them to it.
✦ Decorate!
Hope it will come in handy ☺
Have a nice day,