Friday, 11 January 2013

Exclusive Printables Newsletter

Hello guys, 2013 has started and I'm very glad to leave 2012 behind me. I want the new year to get off to a good start and the only way to do it, is to challenge myself with a project.
One of my friends and I, once had an idea very similar to what Julie & Laura created recently, but you know how it is, life sometimes throws a spanner in the works and your dreams fall into oblivion.
As I said, I needed a trigger to feel creatively challenged this year, so I decided to brush up this old dream, reshape it, and make it more suitable to my own capacities.

/ I'm starting to blab, so let's cut to the heart of the matter:

I know you guys love printables (I do, too!), and I'm grateful for every single one of you who downloads or buy mine.
My idea for this new year, is to create a newsletter service that will deliver to you, every first day of the month, an exclusive printable letter set!
The freebies will still be up every Friday on my blog, but by subscribing to this mailing list, you'll be granted access to premium letter sets and occasional bonuses that will be exclusive to the members only :)

Think of it as a subscription to a lucky bag, you know that you'll be receiving a letter set but you don't know how it will look like, its theme, etc. Thrilling, uh?
Of course the themes will be quite generic so that there's more chances that everyone will like them (for example, you'll never find a printable about, let's say, wrestling. The themes will range from vintage to food to travels and so on).

I wrote a FAQ page (that will be updated with time) about this, so you can check it out to find out the details.
But let's do the grownups talk, how much will it cost you? Quite a bargain if you ask me:
I probably shouldn't tell you but I can't resist.. the first theme is going to be "vintage postage" and I love how the letter vset turned out, so I'm very excited to offer it first!
If I got you interested, keep reading for all the details and the how-to's  ▼

So, the first thing you need to know is that the newsletter will be operative as February 1st so if you pay now in January for, let's say, 3 months subscription, you'll receive your first newsletter on February and the two following months.
The second, and most important thing you need to know, is that after you buy your subscription, you'll receive a link to a file, more specifically a folder, containing all the (super secret) instructions to sign up for the newsletter.
If anything goes wrong with this passage, no worries, just contact me and I'll fix anything for you :)

Well, that's all you need to know, as the most thrilling part about this project is the surprise effect.
I can assure you that if you've enjoyed my printables so far, you won't be disappointed, I promise!
Make sure to read the FAQ page to clear up any doubt, and once you've make up your mind, you can easily make your payment clicking on one of the links below:
Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys are as enthusiast as I am!
Have a good day,


  1. I'm in Fab, this is a wonderful idea! :-)

    1. YAY! I love how you're always so enthusiast about my projects :') I hope you'll like the printables xx

  2. What a great idea. I hope your printables subscription is a big hit Fab! :)

  3. I love this! I'm definitely in!