Saturday, 26 January 2013

January Mail Week #4

Good evening guys! This week I received a lot of pretty letters, it's been a really good mail week! On the other hand, I'm a bit behind with my replies (I'm sorry if I owe you one and it's taking me a while), but I'm in the middle of my exams, and I'm doing what I can to write as much letters as I can.
Anyway, let me show you what my awesome penpals sent me lately:
I received a 10 (!) pages long letter from Mariam in the Netherlands, who also sent me a really cute address book, which is going to be perfect to carry in my bag when I'm travelling, as it's really light and quite tiny too.

Then I got a letter from Maddie in the UK; she visited London during the holiday and got a postcard for me, and also sent me some illustrated and Christmasy stamps :3
I also received a New Years card from Amit in India ☺ Took a while but I'm glad it make it! (By the way, Amit, if you're reading.. still no sign of my last postcard? :c )
Then I got another letter from the UK, from Haych, that decorated it so nicely as she always does, but since I'm an idiot, I covered it up! Anyway, she sent me some decorated paper and supplies that I can't wait to use to decorate envelopes and my smashbook!
Oh, the next letter was such a surprise. It is from Joan from the UK, and I wrote her a letter in March 2012, almost a year ago, for the Lettermo. She also wrote back but I remember in April last year it was one of those periods of no mail, when everything I sent/received just disappeared in another dimension, so I never received her letter. Anyway, she felt like writing to me again, and hers was one of the sweetest letters ever! She included a lot of stuff for me, pictures, stickers, one of her drawings (the teacup!), some tea and other supplies for my smashbook which I really really appreciated ♥ (Fun fact- she's one of the first people I saw "smashing" and that got me interested into scrapbooking).
Last thing I got, was a fat envelope for a swap-bot swap, from Frida (such a chance to get her as partner, ahah) and these are my favourite bits from her package which was so full I could have never showed everything in one picture:
Now to the few outgoings; I sent a tiny package to Mona in the US:
And a letter to Nastya in Russia, Mengyuan in China, and Corey in Singapore ♥
That's it for me! What did you sent/received this week?
Have a nice weekend,


  1. Love the celebrate card from Amit!!

  2. So.Much.Adorable.Mail!!!! :D That is at least one less hungry mailbox!

  3. Aaaah that mail is so adorable! I hope you receive my mail next week :) And ooooh your handwriting on the last two envelopes! So cool! You should really 'incorporate' them in one of your stationary sets as well :)

  4. Oh I'm so glad that my letter got to you :) I was a little worried it got lost, it took longer than usual. I think it's because we had snow here though, everything was delayed/slowed down for a week or so.

    Looking at your mail pictures always makes me smile :) The envelope-themed stickers from Joan are so cute, and that's a lovely lot of stuff from the swap!

    Hope you're well :)
    M x

  5. ohh god! that tiny package is too cute! I love the stamps of the last one letter, and The little bag with goodies and the address book are so adorable!!

  6. love the decorated paper from Haych and that tiny package is so adorable! wonder what's inside ;)

  7. Beautiful Mail!!!!I love all the stuff that you've shown in this post.I am happy that you got my New Year card.

    No, I did not get your card till now. I wonder why the mail has been arriving late these days.It's so irritating to see the empty mailbox.