Monday, 16 July 2012

guest post #1: Madeline

Hi guys, my lovely (pen) friend Madeline wrote something about the beauty of letter writing, and I want to share it with you today; enjoy!
Sending letters is more than just putting pen to paper. It's communicating with someone, a friend, a relative, perhaps someone you don't know. It's making an effort and showing a little love. There's something joyous about the sending and receiving of letters. Reading a letter and knowing that not so long ago, the page was in the hands of the writer, pouring their heart out onto the page just for a little while.  Just for you.
letter writing :: film (by chickadee nest {martha})
People often complain that the art of letter writing is being lost now that we have modern technology. It's easier to send an email, write a text, post a tweet. Everything is reduced down to characters on a screen; letters on a page are lost. But I don't think that's true, really. I think the art of writing a letter is just being discovered. Just look at how many blogs and Tumblr pages are dedicated to letters and postcards, the existence of Postcrossing and the Letter Writer's Alliance. Letter writing is an art that is rediscovered with every generation as we learn to write to each other again. It's never truly forgotten. There are those of us that will always love a handwritten note stamped and sent with care.
vintage stamps letter set (by cutiepie company)
I think there's something quite special about being the girl whose heart skips a beat when you see a promising envelope drop through the letter box, or who can be overjoyed when you find a beautiful new stamp. There's even something special about being one of those people who can see the beauty in every stamp, every envelope, every carefully handwritten word. Appreciation of these little things can make life so much richer.
The Lost Chord Postcard Reverse (by frgetmenot)
Next time your pen is poised above that sheet of paper, just pause for a moment and think about all those special people who can appreciate what you're about to create. Remember whenever you post a letter that you are sending something that may well make someone's day. You're one of those people. Be proud.
To all my fellow letter writers, stationery lovers and stamp collectors. Be proud.
By Madeline.
Thank you Madeline for sharing your -beautiful- thoughts with us :)
How do you guys see it? Don't you agree with her? Let us know!