Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July mail week #3

Hi guys! What's new?
Nothing much from me, just that I've bought the most gorgeous mirror at Ikea the other week, but I don't really have any space left on my walls to hang it. I don't really know what to take off to make room for it.. not my Pulp Fiction poster for sure, though!
Anyway, this week I'll be sending a lot of mail. I've had a letter writing spree yesterday, and today I seem to be in good letter-writing mood too.
The letters that have been sent and that will be sent later this week are for:

Madeline in the UK, Corey in Singapore.

Sara and Andie in Portugal.

Ipek in Turkey, and Emily in Alaska, and not pictured, for Kelly in the US.
Also, last week I've sent a package/letter to Shelby with another Italian book :)

On a side note, I wanted to remind you that I'm still looking for people willing to guest-post here on my blog. If you want to share a DIY project, a tutorial, or just your experience with snail mail and correspondence, OR anything you think would fit my blog, feel free to send me an email :)

Also, I'm having a 15% discount off everything in my Etsy shop; come take a look :3
What did you sent this week? :)
Have a nice day,


  1. Yay! A lovely letter to look forward to :) <3

    By the way, all the envelopes here look beautiful. You certainly have an eye for lovely stationery!

    1. Aw, thank you :) Oh, and this time I taped the envelope so that it will arrive in one piece, I hope! I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case <3

    2. I got it today! And it is wonderful <3
      I really loved every bit of it. And you'll be glad to hear it arrived safely in one piece :)
      I'll write back soon.
      Hugs! x

  2. Hey! I really enjoy your blog. Your mail is lovely. :)

  3. Your envies are just beautiful! I would love to guest post, *send you a mail*!

    1. Read and replied ;) Can't wait for your post :3

  4. Wonderful mail :D I have sent a postcard with trolls on it, two pen pal letters, and a thank you letter to my little sister after receiving a very lovely birthday gift :D

    1. Oh, the postcard with trolls sound really interesting :D and you surely had a busy mail week too :)

  5. Oooh, nice envelopes once again!