Tuesday, 31 July 2012

3 things tuesday

The "3 things Tuesday" series continues!
Lately I've been:

1. Enjoying nature and the sun.

2. Writing letters with my old (but gold) fountain pen.

source: google img
3. Watching Twin Peaks all over again, just because.

Bonus: listening to this song all day long because it's simply amazing and really inspiring:

What are the 3 things you've been doing, instead? :3



  1. What a cool pen, I have a fountain pen which I found on a second hand, haven't used it yet because I haven't baught the ink, but I will buy it and that would be awesome to write the adress on the letters with it :)

    And I love the song!

    Today I have been working, doing the laundry and I just came home, now it's just cleaning my appartement left... I'm like wohoo... not.

    I'll try to update my blog today, or else tomorrow!

  2. I've been reading again, going out more often and exploring new places in my city. And I like the song.

  3. My brother really likes twin peaks, but I haven't seen it yet. :) I like your list!

  4. Fabbbb I got your package eeeeeeeeee yay! My favorite thing is the hand painted card that says imagination is more important than knowledge lovee it. Let me know when you get mine!

  5. That song is beautiful. Yaaaaaaaaay for all numbers (but in particular number 1, hehe!) :)

  6. Hey, great tune! Thanks for sharing :)

    I've been:

    1- Watching Dexter (just started season 2)
    2- Making envelope packs to sell at La Papierre
    3- Cooking!