Saturday, 14 July 2012

moustache in my mailbox

Hello you guys! How are you doing? Have your mailboxes being filled with awesomeness this week?
Mine surely did, because I have quite a few awesome penpals :3
Let's see..
This Tuesday I received a letter from Andie in Portugal, after a long time of postal bad luck. It was such a pleasure to read a letter from her again :)

Along with it, she sent me some paper goodies and a felt moustache! I have to figure out how to wear it >:B
On the same day, I received another letter from Portugal, this time from Sara.

She sent me two beautiful postcards and a little baggie of stickers, all tucked in an a lovely handmade envelope!
The following letter is from Thea in Norway.

She also sent one of her analog pictures (so beautiful - I'll hang it on my wall very soon!) and some yummy tea :)
Yesterday, I received 5 more letters.
This one is from Shelby, it took a while to reach me because the Italian Postal Service has weird policies about packages from outside the UE, and they have to do a lot of checking and stuff.. anyways, look at what she sent me!

Loads of SMASHbook supplies in return of an Italian book I sent her for practise :) How lovely! Oh, not to forget my first FB! I never received one before, and I'm pretty excited about it. If you'd like me to pass it on to you, just let me know please!

This week I received so many pretty envelopes! This next one is from Emily in Alaska, which along her letter, sent me some cute stickers and scrapbooking supplies.. more moustaches, YAY!

This one is from H. in the UK. She's an amazing artist, and her envelopes never fail to impress me.

Last but not least, a letter from my other Emily friend from Sweden :3

See? I told you I received a lot of beautiful envelopes! With her letter, she sent me a picture of herself when she had pink hair :) and I've found out that she's another changing-hair-colour-a-lot kind of person, just like me :D

And a letter from Ipek in Turkey that travelled about 1.5 months before getting there!

That's all for me for this week. I hope you received something nice too :)
A big thank you to all my penpals
Have a lovely day!



  1. Hey Fab! Yes, I received your lovely letter, grazie mille. :) My reply is on its way to you, I think you'll get it next week. :)

    1. Yay, good to know! I was so worried :') I'll wait for yours then :3 xo

  2. Tanto per tenerti informata, ho resistito, ho contattato tante altre persone per cominciare finalmente ad avere dei penpals, e ora mi sono arrivate le prime due lettere da due ragazze americane, ho spedito le mie prime due lettere, e mi sto accordando con una ragazza francese e una inglese. Tutto grazie al tuo blog che mi ha convinta a non demordere!!
    Domanda: ma tutte queste lettere ti arrivano a casa??

    1. Hey, greazie mille per il commento, mi fa piacere sapere che alla fine ti sia decisa :) In risposta alla tua domanda, si, mi arrivano tutte a casa. Ho provato a chiedere all'ufficio postale per creare una casella lì, però a parte i prezzi spropositati, soltanto alcuni uffici offrono questo servizio e nel mio caso non ce n'era nessuno abbastanza vicino a casa mia. Perché, comunque? Hai problemi a ricevere la posta? In questo caso non saresti l'unica, purtroppo xD

  3. fab, these are so amazing! i like the mustache and seeing everyones' handwriting and envelopes ♥♥

    1. Thank you Marisa :3 yeah, everyone has so different traits and style, I love it too :) xo

  4. There is my tired poor letter! I can't believe it took so long, i will definitely find a better solution to this stupid post service fail.

  5. lovely envelopes ;) my letter is on the way =)