Saturday, 28 July 2012

s'tahw ni ym xobliam

Ok, don't panic like I did! The title is nor Italian, nor any exotic language, but it's just English!
What am I jabbering about, you might ask. Well, my friends, if you want to blame someone for my momentary madness, blame Ria :D
This week I received a letter from her, but something wasn't quite right with it. She indeed wrote every single word of the first paragraph contrariwise! When I first started reading the letter I was quite puzzled and thought: "Oh nice, she wrote something in Romanian.. but.. where is the translation?! How am I supposed to understand this?!" and yeah, kinda started panicking. After a good 10 minutes, I suddenly realised her evil trick and both laughed at her evil genius and the coolness of her letter, and to my stupidity - since it took me quite a while to realise it.. but anyway!
Here's her letter:

Along with it, she sent me a very nice coaster, a bus ticket, and some beautiful stamps! Oh and she beautifully decorated the envelope too, as you can see :)

That day I also received two postcards:

One from my Norwegian friend Thea who went on a trip, and one from a postcrosser in Malaysia.
Then, I got two letters, one from my other Norwegian friend Nada, and one from Marjolijn in the Netherlands:

wait for the focus to change *ta dah!*
(Cool trick, right?) Anyway, Marjolijn's letter had a collage on the front but it got damaged during the delivery. I'm pretty sure they were lyrics from a Maroon 5's song, and of course I appreciated her creativity nonetheless.

On Thursday, I received three more letters. This one is from Sylvia in Greece, whom wrote me on a beautiful card:

This on is from the lovely Lauren in the UK (she also sent me some lovely stickers and memo sheets, which I forgot to include in the pic!)

And, Mehreen's letter:

wait for the focus to change, again :D
Mehreen is my latest penpal, and she is from Pakistan. With her letter she sent me a really nice handmade card with my monogram on it, and also wrote a poem in Urdu - which fascinates me beyond words!
In her letter she introduced herself, her culture and religion, and  I'm really looking forward to know more about her, and the Islam culture.

That's all for this week. Thank you to all my penpals for writing to me <3
What did you receive this week?


PS. As you're reading this I'll be probably in the car heading to the mountains, where I'm supposed to stay until August 11th. For this period I've scheduled some posts to keep you company ;) Even if I won't be there to reply, feel free to leave comments and I'll read them as soon as I get back home!


  1. Have a wonderful trip to the mountains! :D

  2. Without your explanation I would never have figured out what the title of your post meant. Haha, your penpal is imaginative! :D

    1. She is! :D It took me a while too, it was really fun!

  3. I once wrote a full backwards letter to my boyfriend, that he had to read in front of a mirror. Cool idea, indeed, I should try doing that for some of my penpals. xD

    1. That's so cool :D I wouldn't have that much patience to write a full letter backwords, but I will definitely play this trick on someone one day :D

  4. I like how you edited your photos, how did you do that? I meant the changing focus thingy. :)

    1. Thanks :) I just took two pictures with different focus and combined them in a gif with Photoshop :) Hope that helps!

  5. ohh I am so sorry I didn't make a guest post!!! i had no idea what about to write :( but anyway this first letter with the evil trick is an amazing idea :D I'm sure I would think much longer than you with figuring out how to read it haha :D