Saturday, 8 September 2012

1 slot available for the travelling notebook!

Hey everyone! This will be a very quick post just to let you know that there's a slot available to join the travelling notebook! I haven't heard from Veronica anymore, so I'm offering her place to someone else. If you are from Europe and you want to join, please take a look at this post and comment with your email address (or email me) so that we can get in touch :)
Hope to hear from one of you!


  1. I'd like to do this fab!

  2. Hi Fab! I would love to join, but want to wait until I get my adress... So maybe I get a chance some other time ^^

    You can send the mail to me to my old adress, I will get forward deliviery in next week!!

    Take care

    1. Sure don't worry! :) Next time I'll do this, I'll save a spot for you. And I'll send you a letter next week then ^^ xx

  3. As the first person to comment was Lauren, I'm assigning the last slot to her! Thank you both for your intrest though <3