Saturday, 15 September 2012

2 weeks of mail

Hello friends! Last week I haven't exactly updated the blog about my incoming/outgoing mail properly, so this post will be really photo heavy because it contains all the mail I received in two weeks time!

Let's start from the incoming:

First, I got those two postcard. One is from Amit, my Indian postcard pal, and the other is from Katya, an American girl I met on tumblr, that sent me her postcard during an holiday in Russia.
Speaking of Russia, I received the first letter prom my Russian pal Anastasya.

As you can see, she's pretty skilled in art, and also sent me a pretty postcard and some stickers with her letter :)

This gorgeous envelope with the fairy, was handmade by Ria, oh and I love it! Along her creatively folded letter, she also sent me a cinema ticket for Brave, sugar packets with a reproduction of a painting, and stickers showing Romanian landscapes.

Then, I received a reply from Ankita, in India. Look how cute the stationery is! And she also sent a pretty instant picture she took while living in London <3

This also really pretty letter is the first from my friend Siana from Macau (China). The little sheep is too cute! She also sent me a lovely Chinese stamp and some stickers.

This pretty mail art envelope is from Haych in the UK. All of her envelopes are always so creative, her blog is my number one source for mail art inspiration!
Along with her letter she sent me some cutouts and that lovely bracelet *-*

I probably said "cute" a dozen time already in this post, but it's not my fault if my penpals do this to their envelopes. This one is from Mona in the USA, she also sent me a packet of scrapbooking supplies which are soon going to be used in my SMASH, cute (<- see? again!) stickers, and a vintage cutout from a magazine:

The following letter is from my newest penpal Florine from France. She found me on Penpal of the Week, but only had the chance to write to me now as she was really busy with school.

Anyway it was worth the waiting, because she seem such a nice girl - and I love how she decorated the envelope!
Yesterday, instead I got a letter from Maddie, lovely as her letters always are, anche she sent me some bits and bobs for my SMASH and a very English postcard, that makes me wander why they wrote the quote in form of a question instead of exclamation, since it's always time for a brew :P

The last letters I received are from Julia in Germany, and Iris in Mexico:

It was nice to hear about Julia after a long time, and also, Iris was the very first penpal I found through tumblr but we only successfully exchanged a couple of letter because the postal service kept failing us. Getting 4 letters lost one after the other, really made sad, and we eventually stopped writing each other. Luckily enough, this problem seem fixed, or at least things are getting better, and I'm so happy about it!

Now, it's time for some intriguing packages. The first one is from Ely in Mexico.

In my last letter I asked her if she could send me one of her drawings because I'm so in love with her art, she's incredibly talented, and since she's also very kind, she complied my request :3

Here it is. Pretty awesome uh? She probably didn't know but along with astronauts, I LOVE divers so much! I couldn't be happier with this, and I'm already on the lookout for a frame so that I can hang it on my wall <3

Her letter was also very creative, and came in the beautiful card with the paper flower. Included there were also stamp stickers, two postcards and a lovely Elvis-bunny card :3

Another package I was really excited about, is this one:

It is from my Spanish friend Khristinna, and was full of lovely goodies, starting with this elvish card that read "imagination".

She spent the summer in New York City, and got me this cute monkey key chain that reads I heart NY, also she sent me one of her sketches (that I just noticed is barely visible because of the lighting, but let me tell you, it's really good!), an house pride poster, and two of her favourite words!

As if it wasn't enough, she also sent me a postcard, cute hedgehog stickers and an handmade bookmark with Khaleesi and her dragon <3

Lastly, my favourite part: some of her amazing shot from NY. So wonderful! And they're going on my wall too!

The last package I got, caught me by surprise. In July I joined the Correspondence Club, but I didn't receive the letter I was supposed to get, and since my partner was from Mexico (and I never really got a lot of postal luck with Mexico until more recent times) I decided not to join in August.

Anyway, turns out Carmila, my partner, was quite busy with school and stuff, and that was why she didn't wrote to me earlier. Luckily she then found the time and sent me this amazing letter!

She also included two prints, and a lovely camera pouch she sewn herself! I'm in love!

Well, that's all - it was a lot, I shall force myself to update more regularly to avoid kilometric posts..
Anyway, thanks to you all <3 A bunch of those letters have been already replied and sent, but I will update the outgoing later!

Have a nice weekend,


  1. You look like you get amazing mail, I'm so jealous! Everything looks amazing :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing all the incoming mail!!!! It was a great post...

  3. Yay! I am so glad you got my letter :) You truly do receive some beautiful mail! Lucky you! xx

  4. What?! Is this only two weeks worth of mail? You're such a popular girl! I love how creative your pals are, truly amazing!

  5. ñ.ñ yay finally arrived! :) all your mail looks awesome!!

  6. Beautiful mail, as always... I love looking at your incoming & outgoing!

  7. Wow, you received some beautiful things! I love to see how people decorate their envelopes, although it always makes me a little ashamed that mine are so simple. I love the one from Mona with the deer, and the way she's used washi tape on the envelope is what I meant when I made that suggestion for one of your freebie designs; the ruler tape is gorgeous!

    Glad to see my letter got to you safe and sound, and I'm glad you like it. I saw the postcard and thought of you so I just had to send it. Completely agree with you, though, it's always time for tea! :P
    M x

  8. Wooooh I'm in your blog ! I'm so excited. I had received your letter today, I'm really happy to know you ! :) I add you in my favorite blog <3
    See you later, smack !!!!