Thursday, 27 September 2012

news and such

Hello guys! As some of the most hawk-eyed of you have already noticed, I changed (yes, again!) my layout. I grew tired of all that pink, and went for more neutral colors this time. What do you think of it? c:
I might be sticking with it for a while, but who knows!

Well, anyway, this post was not meant to be just a rant about graphics. I actually wanted to introduce you to two new pages of my blog: commissions & sponsor.
Their titles are pretty self explanatory. I've made a detailed page with prices, examples, discounts etc about commissions on custom illustrations, printable letter sets, and blog graphic.
Some of the prices aren't fixed, so if you're interested in something specific, you can email me to ask about how much your commission will cost (I don't bite, so ask me whatever question you may have, I won't force you to buy anything if you don't want to :P asking is free!).

The sponsor page instead, features the prices for an advert space on my blog (with stats and all that jazz, once again, don't be scared to ask questions, if interested!), which I think are nicer, not to mention more useful, than those annoying google ads.
Of course whatever sum I raise won't be used to open a bar on a tropical island ;) I don't actually plan to get rich with your money! It will more likely be spent in stamps and paper goodies, what else?!

Blablablah, are you still reading? Well, thanks :3
Another cool news is that one of my American penpals, Kelly, is coming over in Italy and she'll be visiting my town, which meeeans: we're going to meet! Oh, so exciting! That would be the first time I get to meet a penpal in person and I'm sure I'm going to be super awkward and all I know about the English language will be suddenly forgotten and I'll be like: "It's a-me, Fab!", lol.

(If you understand that reference, you win a virtual hug).

One last thing, promise! I re-opened my Etsy shop with brand new, still hot off the press, cards and collage kits! I also updated all the pictures, which are now slightly better than the previous ones, and to finish with a flourish, I'll be including a free stickersheet with the first 5 orders c: 
So go grab something, now! 
(pss also use the code REOP1 at check out for 10% discount *winkwink*)

Oh, and you see, I also have new business cards especially for Etsy, (am I a pro yet?!) and I'm really in love with them :3

Umh, that would be all, I guess! 
Have a good day c:



  1. yey! I won a virtual hug! ahahhahaa thats makes me laught!
    So fab, FAb! new things to show us! I'm excited for the news on Eatsy!

  2. I think the layout is great and it's good that you are meeting a penpal in real life. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh I'm so excited for you!! It'd be such a great thing to meet a pen pal :)
    I really hope you pick up some "business" with commissioning and gaining sponsors!

  4. Awww, your business cards are adorable!

    As for the layout though, I prefer the old one.

    Oh and how wonderful that you'll meet one of your penpals! When is Kelly visiting? I hope you'll take pictures and show us!

    Julie xox

  5. So awesome that you've introduced these new sections to your blog! I'm sure it will be very succesful!

  6. i love the new layout fab, looks awesome! hope you're well xx :)